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Hello! I'm Paris Buttfield-Addison! I'm an author, programmer, game designer, speaker, occasional academic, and cofounder of Secret Lab—a mobile development studio based in beautiful Hobart, Australia. Secret Lab builds games and game development tools, including the award-winning ABC Play School iPad games, BAFTA- and IGF-winning Night in the Woods, and the Qantas Joey Playbox, and the popular open source YarnSpinner narrative game framework. Paris formerly worked as mobile product manager for Meebo (acquired by Google), has a degree in medieval history, a PhD in Computing, and writes technical books on mobile and game development for O'Reilly Media.


Cover of book: Practical Simulations for Machine Learning Cover of book: Headfirst Swift Cover of book: Unity Game Development Cookbook Cover of book: Practical AI with Swift Cover of book: Mobile Game Development with Unity

I have been writing books since 2008, and writing for O'Reilly Media since 2011.

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